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Post-production studio Nika Digital.

Coming from the world of celluloid film movie technologies, our company Nika Digital have been reborn and grown into modern organization for digital world with a complete numerical set of post-production services for our clients wherever they are. We are working with different types of media production:

-Feature movies


-Short Meter


-TV Series


-Special Occasion (custom) footages

A list of digital post-production has  following workflow

– Production dailies backup and rearrangement
– Preparing of raw material for editing (format conversion, audio synchronization).
– Editing (we have editing stations with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Studio).
– Conform (we have a network of DaVinci Resolve Studio stations)
– Color grading and correction (we have a network of DaVinci Resolve Studio stations and a set of Baselight stations along with a calibrated Dolby Reference monitor for video grading and a screening room with a calibrated DCP cinema projector DP2K-10S, that allows color grading of all cinema projects, including 3D projects)
– Visual Effects (VFX) (From simple retouching up to complex 3D modelling and rendering of highest quality)
Reversioning for local screenings
– Titles
– Subtitling
– DCP mastering,(with possible options 3D, D-Box, HI-VI, Dolby Atmos)

– DCP screenings
– DVD and Blu Ray mastering
– A big set of possible deliverables: files, DVDs, BluRay Discs, HDCAM, HDCAM SR, Digital Betacam etc.
– Preparation of film prints (handling of film LUTs and generation of corresponding image format files).
– Archiving of movie media on Disks, NAS, LTO tapes
– Restoration of old movies ( scanning,image cleaning,reframing,color grading and remastering)

We accept a big variety of modern cinema image formats footages along with the possibility of old glorious DI with film scanning and following image files processing (cleaning, checking and correcting)

We are partners with Izarus Film Sound Studio that shares a location with us and they have a complete experience and possibility to fulfill all sound services for movie

– Audio mastering to formats:   Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital EX (7.1)
– Audio encoding to Dolby format and DCP format
– Mono-remastering (short-meter, documentaries)
– TV audio remastering (with close monitoring) (DOLBY – PREMIER STUDIO)
– Voice mastering
– Environment scoring
– Pre-Mix
– Dubbing
– Sound Design
– Music

Our experienced and gifted sound engineers, can handle all of your sound requirements with a Dolby certified sound studio and all accessory studios and facilities.

We have a 100Mb Internet connection that could be upgraded to 1Gb if needed(and it’s quite honest 100Mb and 1Gb, we have checked, it’s not just a last mile speed test). We have our local ftp server with multiple accounts so each and every client has his own private storage for exchanging data with us with ftp. As we are working with international companies we are not strangers with secured data transfer technologies, i.e. Aspera for DCP transfers abroad. So almost any ready deliverables files (DCP, ProRes, Internet video formats) could be transferred without any problem.

As for incoming media, it is possible if the volume is reasonable or we can discuss a possible upgrade of our Internet connection speed up to 1Gb that will solve the problem of the transfer time.

We have English speaking (with written communication skills :) ) personnel that will let you feel comfortable working with our company