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Our work in this project:

2D is a standart picture, shown on common displays.
3D format is a motion picture that enhances the illusion of depth perception, hence adding a third dimension and requires a special display to show it.
Blu-ray - compact-disc format, which capacity up to 128 GB of information. High-definition video may be stored on Blu-ray discs with up to 1080p resolution (1920×1080 pixels), at up to 60 (59.94) fields or 60 frames per second.
A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is a collection of digital files used to store and convey digital cinema (DC) audio, image, and data streams.
High Definition - a video format of high resolution. See more.
A video player by Apple is a container with video and sound. Commonly used as master-preview or for internet publishing.
Standart Definition - is a video format of standart quality. See more...
DCP keys
Keys for DCP format, used for demonstration in cinemas. In this cryptographic key can be encoded such information as duration and count of film screenings in order to limit license for a movie.
Computer Graphics
Computer Graphichs is a wide list of works, including special-effects, processing of material, deleting goofs, making Full-CG scenes, changing backgrounds instead of green screen, etc.
"Master" is a word, means final cut of any cinema product. This is the exact version of movie, that the final customer will see.

Snow Queen

In an effort to create the New World- cold and practice, where the precision lines have to replace emotions and a Northen Wind have to cool human souls, the Snow Queen get rid of Every artistic people she knows. Young and brave Gerda embarks on a dangerous journey to save her   brother Kay. She will face a cold world of a merciless Snow queen. Overcoming all the difficulties in the way on her goal, Gerda not only achieves  a family, but also she gains a faith in herself and finds a new friends.

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